Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wonderful Arizona!

Hudson and I had an amazing time in Arizona.  It was the first time we had been home that it wasn't a holiday, a Birthday, or some other big event, it was also just Hudson and I (no other sisters).  We missed the sisters, of course, but it was really nice bonding time for Hudson and the grandparents. We really had a much so, that I was apparently too busy having fun to take pictures, I didn't have a single one of Lala and Huds and only a blurry one of Pa and Huds.  Sorry! But I know the memories are ingrained in your hearts forever.
Huds and his best cousin friend Stephan, had a ball! We love you two!!!
So tired after playing with Stephan, he climbed right up on his Great Grandma's lap and fell right asleep.
 I just love how he instinctively knows when he is LOVED by someone.  He was so happy and relaxed with her.
 We also had a surprise visit from my dearest friend Erin and her mom! Again, he knew they loved him and had so much fun with them.
One of the many nights spent hanging out with Pa on the lazy boy. 
Even though Lala didn't make it into any photos, she made plenty of memories!  They had a blast playing all day long, everything with Lala is more fun.

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Natalie Acklin said...

Oh geez!! I miss him sooo much!! I can't handle the bath tub photo. He and Stephen are such good buds. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL I GET TO PLAY WITH HIM AGAIN!!!