Saturday, April 04, 2009


Emily finished her masters in secondary ed in December and is ready to have a job...really ready...

The Metcalf's Make the Blog!

These are our friends the Metcalfs...they rock. We're still unsure of how they haven't made it onto the blog before now, as they are our oldest surviving friends here in NE Wyoming...we've had a lot of good times together!

Adam, Mandy, and Abigail born last June!

Adam is actually related to Vanilla Ice and did some dance training with him as they were both members of their middle-school dance team? As a result, he is the best white dancer I have ever met. He also has some amazing stupid human trick type talents and its not even funny how good he is at Guesstures...

Seriously though, we love you guys!

What happened to winter?

Greetings all devoted blog readers, while, maybe reader. It's been awhile since our last blog update, figured it was time for a comprehensive update and the addition of some new photos for kicks.

Christmas 2009

After trampsing up in the mountains for a Christmas tree, we found this perfectly symettrical specimen which as always looked so much nicer out in the woods...we set the bar fairly low with this one so next year as long as we cut something down within the evergreen family it should be an improvement.

We headed to MN to celebrate Christmas family-style and although we were missing Bjorn, we definitely enjoyed the time with family and all of the snow!

We did a few snowshoeing trips, some xc-skiing, and lots of good eating! Lake Superior is never a dissapointment either, lots of steam and beautiful much fun to wake up at the lake!

We snowshoed and then skied into the Manitou land while we were home...the second time in my dad and I burned a slash pile that had been stacked up since 2006. He got a nice wound in the process of moving logs and breaking branches...another inch lower and he'd probably be a pirate!

Here's the whole crew, minus our Gambian brother, who was probably enjoying some rice and peanut sauce in 90 degree weather when we snapped this wasn't the same without you Bjorn! Notice Brian's pre-dinner arm-flailing excitement...Linnea doesn't feed him beef too often at home...

January 2009
Erik and Kiki make it out!

Erik and Kiki were able to take a quick respite from law school and work and drive out for some skiing at Redlodge and quality time in Sheridan...the weather cooperated and we had about 12 inches of new powder for our day on the mountain. Snowshoeing was great as well, with deep snow and steep terrain. The only downer on the weekend was Emily's uncanny ability to crush the rest of us in repeat games of Catan...Erik and Kiki, thanks for letting her win, I'm sure you can now understand why I do the same with most games we should send us some of your pics when you get a chance!