Wednesday, December 06, 2006

134 N. Linden Ave Location

Sheridan WY

134 N Linden Ave (Click on Pic)

As of 12-06

One of many illegal aliens working on our house...

Bedroom 1, primed and cleaned...we'll come back to this one last to refinish the floor and paint.

Bedroom 1 still...getting a little more settled.

Walmart providing the shabby chic duckskin specialty curtains...

Betzler mini-storage, bedroom 2, all those wedding presents still in mint condition...

The rest of our stuff in Bedroom 2

Dining room cleaned

Living room cleaned, we're hoping to get the chimney cleaned this weekend and have some heat to work in!

Our favorite room so far...the bathroom...emily has already recorded numerous injuries just getting in and out of the shower..

Stay tuned, a big couple of weeks coming up!