Wednesday, February 20, 2013

El Cohete - Week of the Rocket ship

Hi loves! Long time no blog.  Sorry about that, life just seems to be flying by, not much time to post. We have been plugging away on all sorts of stuff, most free nights recently have been spent traveling to the moon and working the hours of on-line education we just found out we had to take.  We are done almost done with the home study (only have to review it) and then will be one step closer to submitting our dossier. We really can't wait to get to that step. BUT until then we are keeping ourselves busy building rocket ships and traveling to outer space...
This is the box the H's drum set came in, it is a close call which is getting more use, the present or the box it came in.
I have been missing speaking and teaching Spanish and have found it hard to stay motivated to keep talking to H in Spanish.  I had to come up with some new ways to keep us both excited.  So, we start doing some (very relaxed) thematic units, the past few weeks have been "El Cohete", the Rocket ship.  It is a good reason for me to learn a few new vocabulary words and find new ways to engage H in some Spanish.

Here are a few of our favorite videos if you are interested in some Spanish Rocketship fun :)
Videos/Resources -

We won't be worrying about space this weekend though because we have the best crew of visitors coming - Meg and Ellie and Tia and N!!! We are so excited.  It is going to be an absolute blast. YESSSSS! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

lots of love

Happy Valentines Day! We love you!
Sorry about the lack of posts lately.  I have several started and so much that I want to share but just prioritize the time to blog lately.  Hope you all had a V-day full of love and laughter!

Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 part two - JOYFUL, JOYFUL!

So, I am back with more on New Year's missions and reflecting on turning 30.  I had planned on including all of this in the last post, but ran out of time! Where does it go?  Flies by like H running away from his mama chasing him around with a Kleenex.  Anyway, back to the mission.  After all my work on setting my mission statement for the year and coming up with thoughtful goals, I had a rough week for a lot of reasons and already, in the second week of the year, didn't accomplish one of my goals!!!! What? Seriously? Yes, I missed a Birthday, one week after making a goal of not missing Birthdays! I was pretty bummed at myself about it and that combined with a bunch of other small things: H not sleeping, Hand I were in a funk, I was stressed about the home study and was all of a sudden full of fear and doubts about the adoption (I will share more on that later).  The spirit of our house was just off.  All due to small things that I was letting get the better of me and turn my attitude sour.  Now, I know in my heart, that in the grand scheme of life and the things that matter - I am so blessed.   But I so often and so easily forget to believe that in the way that I live (a.k.a my daily attitude).
One night last week, I was reading Unbroken, (great book) and read a paragraph about how the attitudes of three men lost at sea the were shaping how they responded to current situations and ultimately shaping their future survival.  As soon as I read this I felt like God was speaking right to me about my attitude and response to situations (Can you say debbie downer?).  Then, I opened another book to the picture above. This is a photo from one of the most precious gifts I have ever received :) Anyway, it is amazing how God works and can bring everything together to gently or forcefully call me out on the state of my heart.  Ultimately, I realized that the most purposeful and strategic thing I can do this year is be JOYFUL in every minute, of everyday, and with every gift I have been given.  Because the way that I live my moments is the way that I live my life (I don't think those are my own words I must have stolen them from a poem or song or something - sounds good though, doesn't it!)  If I focus too hard on my goals, I tend to over look the goodness and purpose in every moment and end up living too many minutes with the wrong  attitude.  So, I am not throwing the mission statement out the door but I am one adding thing to it and I am writing down first my to-do list every day 
I better have a lot of check marks at the end of the year!
This is a picture of a little sign we made with Christmas lights this year. It is still up and I am thinking about that I may need to leave it up  all year.  Sometimes I need lots of reminders!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 - I am ready

Welcome 2013.  I have a feeling I am going to like you!

I love that my Birthday falls right around the new year, it gives me double the reason to reflect on the past year of life and think about the future.  30 is a BIG, OLD, and a seemingly important year so I did a lot of thinking and reflecting...and thank goodness I have blog because I can share it all with you :) Starting with New Year's resolutions -

Inspired by our brother-in-law, Brian, for the past few years we have been writing mission statements instead of doing New Year's resolutions.  I really like the idea of a mission statement because it centers  not on what you want to change but on how you want to LIVE!  This has been such great way for us to focus our energies and direct our hearts for the New Year that I thought I would share what we do with you!  I usually write one over arching mission statement for the year and then write smaller goals connecting the mission statement to different areas of my life.  Typically my categories are mind, body, soul and money, with a few sub categories such as personal and professional (ohh and then I add a book section, because you just gotta have a book list.)  Click here to see the template I use.  I try to stick with one or two goals for each category and have even made a little calendar so that I can check in monthly :).  I pay bills on the 1st of each month, so I keep my mission where I pay my bills and check in on how I am living it out each month. I love doing this for a lot of reasons; I like checking things off lists, I like seeing progress, I like to grow and challenge myself, but mostly I like checking things off lists.   The template is pretty basic, I am sure you all can improve it but it is a fun place to start.

This year my mission statement is - To be more strategic and purposeful with my time, energy, and resources.  I know, it is pretty broad but I like the idea of asking myself this question at the end of the month, How did I spend my time, energy, and resources this month???.  This year I added a scripture verse that tied into each goal.  Here is an example of my soul goals for this year:

Soul +
            Spiritual ~ To believe and trust God for big things and with all things. Ephesians 3:20 

Relational ~ To play with Hudson more and enjoy playing. Psalm 33:33

Of course there are always a few wild cards, my personal mind goal has no scripture and doesn't really tie into this year's mission BUT it is high time I learn to sew!

Mind *
Personal ~ Learn to sew...

So there is a little bit of what 2013 is going to look like for me! What about you? I would love to hear   how doyou reflect on the year gone and kick off the year to come? Or how you do resolutions?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kickin' it, lickin' it...

Just a few fun pictures from this last weekend.  We are having a blast with the kick sled Colin made!

Some of us more so than others...

Honestly, we went up to Story and the ride was anything but boring but try telling Hudson that! I guess when you are tired you are tired!
Nothing like carbo loading after a long day of play. This was Hudson's first cup cake icing experience, It was exciting enough to stay awake for.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

You are never to old or young to roller skate...

30!!!!! Yes, that is right folks, I turned 30 this weekend and it wasn't so bad, actually it was pretty great! I couldn't have asked for a better Birthday celebration.  It was a really special weekend where time seemed to be moving slower than normal' not too slow, but slower, where you are really aware of the moments, of the smiles, of the togetherness, of the sweetness of this life, and of being content with just being, not doing or accomplishing, just being.  It was magical really.   I don't have those moments enough.  I want more of them...which will lead us to part of our 2013 mission but that is for a later post -this one is all about Birthday (-: ! We had cleared the weekend calendar due to H having croup earlier in the week and not knowing how he would be feeling.  By Thursday night he was feeling better, so we decided to throw a roller skating party on Sunday (YESSSS!).  That left Saturday wide open though, with no projects, chores, or to do's on the schedule just a blank slate.  What a great thing that was.  We had a lazy morning, I had a little alone time, we went on a kick sledding adventure, and then we spent the afternoon and evening lazying around the house.  It was pure perfection.  Sunday, I was awoken by breakfast almost in bed (C doesn't understand the reason for breakfast in bed = it is so messy and hard to eat and really not that comfortable).  I didn't really want to be in bed when there was so much excitement in the kitchen anyway!
After fueling up from breakfast, it was off to the roller skating rink a.k.a Scotty's skate castle.  Thanks so much to everyone who attended. I had a wonderful time!
 "What are you doing? Get your skates on and get out there!"
Limbo, limbo boys and girls...

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Christmas in Minnesota

Despite kicking things off with a challenging road trip (due to Hudson, not the weather) we had a wonderful time in Minnesota over the Christmas holiday!  One hour into the trip I was ready to turn the car around.  Hudson, who is usually our all star traveler, was CRAZY crabby, and whinny, and just generally  not happy about being strapped into a carseat in a moving vehicle.  AND I forgot my cell phone.  I know it would sound very normal and wise to be "unplugged" for 10 days, but the truth is I really like my cell phone!!! And road trips are the best time to chat with family, catch up on texts and messages, and google random stuff.  Oh and they provide access to youtube videos of "garbage trucks picking up garbage" and "fire trucks responding"  which would have bought us at least 15 minutes of silence from the backseat. Regardless of our rough start, we arrived safely to the warm and welcoming home of Colin's cousin Erik and his wife Kiki (THANKS for hosting us!!).  We had a wonderful time with them and then were able to connect with Hudson's Great Grandma Sowles for a bit. It was a great morning in the cities and Hudson enjoyed played hide and seek with his Great Grandma...thank goodness he had worked out all his crankiness in the 13-hr car ride the day before :)

Then we headed up to Duluth where the party really began! There was caroling and ice skating and hikes and games and church and good friends and family and amazing food and lots and lots of love!
 Hudson with his Great Grandpa.
We started a new Christmas Eve tradition, family caroling!  A wide assortment of instruments were used, some more successfully than others...

The boys got matching pajamas and were allowed to open a few gifts early.  Their distinct personalities were noticeable even opening gifts, N was easily excited and instantly loved every gift and the wrapping they came in, while Hudson took the whole event a little more seriously.
This boy is nothing but smiles!
The amazing pillow pad from Linnea.

Hanging with "Gamie" excited about presents!
Grandparent love! 
Great Grandpa was able to spend a lot of time with us and was in good spirits as he marked his 90th Christmas...these guys are so blessed to be in his arms!

After 7 days in MN it was time to head home, 16-hrs of flat-land driving.  While we're always trying to do as much as we can while we're home, this time we think we nearly succeeded...we came home fairly exhausted and fighting colds, but very happy.  While we did miss spending time with many of the cousins, we hope to catch up the next time we're headed home.  What a Christmas!

Friday, January 04, 2013

Good bye 2012, hello 2013

What a wonderful holiday season it has been.  We have been so blessed to get to spend it with good friends and family.  The last two weeks made for the perfect transition from 2012 to 2013.  Minnesota was busy and full but not to with the usually holiday stress and excess.  Busy reconnecting with friends and family, singing and praising (yes we caroled on 3 occasions - now that is my kind of Christmas!!!), rejoicing, relaxing, and reflecting while enjoying some brisk fresh air and God's amazing creation.  We came home to just in time to reunite and ring in the new year with some old friends, actually the first two couple friends we made when we moved Sheridan.  It was really special to spend the evening with them, the bliss in reminiscing about the past and the anticipation and joy of talking about what the future may hold made for the perfect New Years combination.  Oh and these two cuties only added to the fun.
A New Years toast. Don't worry it's just Fresca but as far as H was concerned it was the finest concoction ever created!
H busting a move.  Honestly, how could anyone resist him in these awesome red pjs? 
 We spent New Year's day together lounging around, catching up from being gone and playing.  The highlight by far was kick sledding around the neighborhood.
 Colin made the kick sled for my Birthday last year.  It is so fun. He is going to have a hard time topping that one. AND he better get on it, since the big day isn't far away :)!
It felt like the perfect day, H took a 3 hour nap, I was super productive while he slept, we had the dream balance of work, fun, and play. What a way to start the new year!!!  Unfortunately, H was not catching up on sleep from the night before but trying to fight off the dreaded CROUP.  The croup won. So we have been a bit out of commission for the last few days.  We turned the corner tonight and will be back and better than ever tomorrow with another post and lots of Christmas pics to share. But for now my bed is calling me, taunting me with the thought that I might be able to sleep in it all night...