Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 - I am ready

Welcome 2013.  I have a feeling I am going to like you!

I love that my Birthday falls right around the new year, it gives me double the reason to reflect on the past year of life and think about the future.  30 is a BIG, OLD, and a seemingly important year so I did a lot of thinking and reflecting...and thank goodness I have blog because I can share it all with you :) Starting with New Year's resolutions -

Inspired by our brother-in-law, Brian, for the past few years we have been writing mission statements instead of doing New Year's resolutions.  I really like the idea of a mission statement because it centers  not on what you want to change but on how you want to LIVE!  This has been such great way for us to focus our energies and direct our hearts for the New Year that I thought I would share what we do with you!  I usually write one over arching mission statement for the year and then write smaller goals connecting the mission statement to different areas of my life.  Typically my categories are mind, body, soul and money, with a few sub categories such as personal and professional (ohh and then I add a book section, because you just gotta have a book list.)  Click here to see the template I use.  I try to stick with one or two goals for each category and have even made a little calendar so that I can check in monthly :).  I pay bills on the 1st of each month, so I keep my mission where I pay my bills and check in on how I am living it out each month. I love doing this for a lot of reasons; I like checking things off lists, I like seeing progress, I like to grow and challenge myself, but mostly I like checking things off lists.   The template is pretty basic, I am sure you all can improve it but it is a fun place to start.

This year my mission statement is - To be more strategic and purposeful with my time, energy, and resources.  I know, it is pretty broad but I like the idea of asking myself this question at the end of the month, How did I spend my time, energy, and resources this month???.  This year I added a scripture verse that tied into each goal.  Here is an example of my soul goals for this year:

Soul +
            Spiritual ~ To believe and trust God for big things and with all things. Ephesians 3:20 

Relational ~ To play with Hudson more and enjoy playing. Psalm 33:33

Of course there are always a few wild cards, my personal mind goal has no scripture and doesn't really tie into this year's mission BUT it is high time I learn to sew!

Mind *
Personal ~ Learn to sew...

So there is a little bit of what 2013 is going to look like for me! What about you? I would love to hear   how doyou reflect on the year gone and kick off the year to come? Or how you do resolutions?

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