Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I love family vacations!  I do not however love 14 plus hours of driving.  I mean, I do, I love being with my family anywhere. But being stuck in the car just doesn't bring out the best in me.  Thank goodness Colin is the kind, wonderful, patient and very entertaining man that he is, otherwise I would have thrown in the towel at Taos and we never would have made to meet sweet little miss Elle! And she was so worth meeting.  The pictures say it better than I can. She is sweet, beautiful, and seriously the best baby ever.  She barely cries and slept through the night while we were there.  Did you hear that Hudson? - he still hasn't mastered that.  We had a great time in Albuquerque. THANKS, Meg and Brian!
 Elliott just hanging out being beautiful.
Hello. I'm perfect.
Even Hudson found her irresistible.  He wanted to hold her all the time...for about 5 seconds and then he was "all done".
 Elliott and Lala.
 Meg and Brian are amazing parents, relaxed, loving, and fun to be around despite the sleep deprivation.
Even with all the staring at baby the boys found time to work on a project. 
Thanks to the help from Hudson and Elliott they were able to complete the landing in a few short hours.


Natalie Acklin said...

Ah i love these!! I wish I could have been there. Ellie is so precious! And those pics of Huds are darling. The last one with meg and the hudster is priceless. oh how I miss you all

emily & colin said...

Nunu - You are going to have the best time!!