Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cloud Peak Wilderness

Last week the entire Betzler clan made it to Wyoming for the almost annual family trip. What a treat it was to have them here to share in our life and stomping grounds!!!! Unfortunately, it was hot, hot, hot and trips to the pool, ice cream stand, and day trips up the mountain weren't enough to beat the heat so we headed up the mountain to cool off while backpacking in Cloud Peak Wilderness.  What a wonderful trip!  So thankful for the time we had together in the mountains, come back soon!
This way to the mountains.
 Hudson was an all-star hiker, maybe even a little too eager since he couldn't quite keep the pace, but I am sure he hiked at least 2 miles by himself over the weekend.
N totally won the "Happy Camper"award, he was always smiling and just loved being outside! He gets that award for the vacation in general as he is one happy, smiley guy.
We made it! The view from our tents, not bad for 10,500'.  Cloud Peak is on the left at 13,200'.
Campsite fun - throwing rocks for Luna to catch.
Super-uncle Osito!
Harmonica dance party in the tent.
The happy camper...ok, Tio was happy too.
 Grandma and her boys.
 A little relaxin'.
 Throwing rocks never gets old.

One last view from the camp site.
Uncle Bjorno taking the long way home.
Mountain MAN!!!!
Thanks Steve and Cindy for being such awesome, adventurous, brave grandparents.
Do we really have to go home? 


Natalie Acklin said...

How fun! That looks beautiful. I can't believe it was that much colder up there. Must have been refreshing!!

emily & colin said...

Nat - We lucked out, the weather was so perfect!