Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Christmas Tree and Aunt B!!

Wow! There I go again, weeks passing without posting. Sorry! 'Tis the season I suppose! Just so much to do. I am not complaining though, I love the holiday hustle and bustle, parties, food, gatherings, singing, dancing, and just being Jolly. December is my kind of month.  We have already had two jammed packed weeks of fun and are looking forward to two more.
We kicked off the holiday season with our annual Betlzer Family tradition; cutting down the Christmas tree.  This year we went up the mountain with some great friends, who happened to show us the "honey pot spot" of Christmas trees in the Big Horns, played, ate, built a bon fire, and were very merry!
 H and one of his BFF's, they are pretty much the cutest things together. They never fight and they even shared their hot chocolate...
 or did they? All the pictures I have would say otherwise.

 And as if that wasn't enough, the next day we got to go pick up AUNT B!!!!! What a treat was having her here with us for over a week.  H was in heaven and it was probably the nicest vacation I have had in a long time.   He wanted to do everything with Aunt B, even when she would try to sneak a little private time, he would sit outside the bathroom and wait for her.  
 The played countless hours of Legos. 
They read a lot of books.
They shared, almost everything.
 They snuggled. Lucky Luna. That's more love than she has had in a long time. 
Somehow between all the H bonding time Brit and I were also able to do some sister bonding.  We cooked and baked (some recipes to come!), and talked for hours, worked on some projects and were together! I couldn't have asked for anything more. 

A note from H.

Aunt B -
I miss you. Come back, please.  It is not that fun without you here. Mom does not know how to play guys or make chocolate pies.  She is horrible at hide and sneak and even worse at sneaky feet. She can't build a Lego firetruck for anything and she doesn't even save the cats from the trees. Come back soon.  I LOVE AUNT B!!!


Natalie Acklin said...

I love everything about this post!! Definitely wish I could have the same time to bond as Boo and H did! Also, those pics of Hudster in the snow look like when he was a baby.

eabetzler said...

Nunu- We would all love a visit from aunt nunu!