Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer time and the living is easy...and full

Dear Family and far-away friends -
Sorry for the lack of posts and general communication lately.  Summer is in full swing here and the perfect weather, long days, and seemingly endless opportunities for fun, have resulted in absolutely no time to be on the computer or the phone.  It has been super busy but not the stressful too much to do, not enough time to do it, kind of busy, but the life is full and satisfying kind of busy.  Our days have been full of friends, fun, and sunshine. And lots of gardening! I am so excited to share pics (hopefully soon!!) Some amazing women have been helping me whip this jungle into shape and it is going to be awesome.  Let's just say Cindy, Wendy, and Adrienne are to gardening what Glenn is to dumpy, salmon pink, fixer-uppers (i.e. the transformation is going to be amazing!) Some photos of our days - 
The Osborn boys come to play!
Hudson practicing being a good older cousin - get ready Noah and Babylonglegs!! Thanks for being such a great sport K!
Hudson's BFF - Luna. 
First date - Just call him, Hudster, the ladies man.
Lots of playing by himself and growing up way to fast.  
Now, not only does he cut bed time cuddling short by pointing to his bed before I am done rocking him  :( He also likes to read by himself in his own chair (not all the exclusively, but still that he would ever dream of reading not in my lap!!!).  They really grow up so fast. THANK GOODNESS there will be another baby in the family soon...Meg is at the hospital right now! Hurry, hurry, baby longlegs, we are all waiting and praying for your safe and fast arrival.  The first niece! yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So exciting!


Natalie Acklin said...

These pictures are fantastic!! Hudster really is growing up way too fast. I neeeeed to come visit him soon

eabetzler said...

I know! He misses aunt nunu a lot.