Monday, June 18, 2012

Elliott Rose = The most beautiful girl in the world

She is here!!!!! The long awaited niece has arrived and early! Much to her Grandpa's surprise, Could an Acklin girl ever be early? Yes, dad, we can be, something crazy just happens when we all get together and getting out of the door is a lot harder with 4 girls!

Anyway, Elliott is here and she is a picture of perfection.  It is killing me to be so far away from the little  bundle of love but I know she is in good hands and I will be there soon.  To tide me over until then here are a few pictures of my little perfect sweet tart.

 Ummm, did you just have a baby? Not to mention 24 plus hours of labor? Meg, you look amazing! 
She looks just like Meg as a baby!
 Her dad's first time dressing a girl! Nicely done Brian, the aunties approve!
 Perfect right?
 Looks like Pa might be a baby hog!
Sweet dreams sweet girl! You are so loved.


Natalie Acklin said...

Love her sooo much!!! I can't wait to new the precious little poopsie!!

cindy and steve said...

WOW all that dark hair. She is beautiful and we are thankful for her safe arrival. Love to all of you in NM