Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Break - Part One

Cousin love!
Wow!!!! What a week, it was an absolute whirlwind of family, fun, love, laughter, and travel! We started in Casper, landed in Minneapolis, spent some time in Knife River, parted ways with Colin and Hudson and I were off to Arizona.  It was a lot to squeeze into a week but Hudson was a champion traveler, he loves seeing his family so much, he was all smiles on the plane rides.  The biggest downfall of the week was that he got stuck in the Minnesota time zone which resulted in 3:40 a.m wake up time in AZ.  His mom was not a happy camper about this but THANK GOODNESS his Pa didn't seem to mind the early morning company.

Minnesota was the prefect restful and rejuvenating, retreat. We kicked it off with a big family lunch in the cities. Thanks for hosting Charlene.

Hudson and his blond cousins!
Hudson and Grant making lunch.
Great Grandma Coralis.

Knife River was as beautiful as ever, we managed to fit a little bit of everything in, family bonding, hikes, walks, reading, games, good food and fun, but mostly a lot of staring at and playing with N.  He was by far the main attraction and highlight...

Grandpa and his grandsons.

Tia & N baby shower:
 Noah's many admirers! It was so fun meeting the amazing community of women that Linnea is a part of.

Great Grandpa and his boys!


Erin said...

How amazing! It looks like you had a great visit. Hudson and his cousins are so adorable.
Love and miss you!

cindy and steve said...

Thanks for coming and working so hard to make it all work out for your week of "vacation." We squeezed quite a bit into a very few days and enjoyed every minute of it. Please come back often.

emily & colin said...

Erin - So sad I missed you in P-town :(.

Cindy - It was a perfect weekend! We will be there as much as possible.