Saturday, April 14, 2012

DIY Bee Bunting

We had an amazing whirl wind Spring Break which I will share more in detail later today.  One of the many highlights though, was getting to go to a shower for little Noah bee and Linnea.  It was so fun to get to celebrate the new mama and new life and so special to meet the amazing community of women who love Linnea and Noah so much.  The shower was Bee themed, I saw a bunting on pinterest that I loved and want to make something similar for the shower (click her to see the inspiration).   It was easy to make and should a fun little keepsake.   

Tools -
     -iron on fabric transfers ( I used one that I could print on from my printer, it you are an artist you could probably draw your image too)
      - ribbon
      - iron, serrated scissors, pencil, 

1. Print your image on to the transfer paper.  I found my image on line by searching black and white bumble bee...I hope this ins't illegal but I just saved the image as a word doc and then used it (here is the lind to the one I used bee).

3. Choose your fabric - I chose a light fabric because the iron on paper/fabric I was using was white.
4. Make a template of the shape you want your bunting to be (I didn't have any paper large enough so I recycled a large envelope).  Trace you template and cut your buntings. *Apparently, if you use serrated scissors your fabric won't fray.  I thought the triangle edges from the scissors looked awesome on the bunting and I loved that it saved me an extra step - not having to sew the sides to keep them from fraying

4.  Iron your image onto the bunting. 
 5. Find a friend who knows how to sew and doesn't mind teaching you and letting you use her sewing machine. THANKS BRITNI!!!!  Space your buntings a long your ribbon and sew them into place.
 The finished project!

More pics to come of the rest of the shower and the trip to AZ and MN!!!


Linnea Mirsch said...

Can I just say this is my favorite party favor from the shower & that it is now permanently strung in our hallway! A beautiful special memory of little Noah Bee's welcome party.

xoxo, l, b & n

emily & colin said...

I am so glad you like it. It was made with a lot of love!