Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Break Part II

Hudson and I parted with Colin on Wednesday, after a great night of dinner games and conversation at the Charming Casa Romsaas. THANKS ERIK and KIKI, you guys are awesome!!!
We headed to Arizona, although Hudson’s internal sleep clock stayed in MN on central time.  Arizona was wonderful, the weather was perfect and it' always nice to be home. But by far the best part was that all the sisters were together (and mom and dad of course!) and we there to celebrate the next generation of Acklin girls.  Sorry, Brain, her last name may be Long but she is going to be an Acklin GIRL!!!  Hudson's birth was great, but the first GIRL niece, it is just SO exciting, we are going to have so much fun with her!

The main reason for the reunion was the shower, so that is pretty much what we did.  There was plenty of chatting, catching up, laughing and playing with Hudson but we also had a great time working on all the shower details.  Unfortunately and fortunately, I bought a new camera while we were there which means I will have much better pictures on the blog soon.  But since I didn’t have time to read the instructions or even take a few pictures before the shower, I DIDN’T get very good pictures of all the details :( but here is a peek at what I did get.  
 Cousin Stephen -I had to start with this one, does it get any cuter? I don't think so.

Meg's nursery is going to have all the letters of the alphabet wrapped in beautiful yarn on one wall, (I can't wait to show pictures of her nursery, it is going to be PERFECT!!!) so that was sort of the theme we went with.  
The sweet station
How do kids instinctively know to go for the desserts?? For some reason, I have a feeling if those were bran muffins he wouldn't have been nearly as interested.
My mom found these great metal stands at a garage sale.  Nat made fun signs to go in them. 
Sad, this picture is hard to see, the drink stand was super cute! Good work on the banner, Nat!

 The Guess Meg's Belly circumference game

Sneak peek of the nursery!!

 Some of Meg's best girl friends, most of them since she was a baby! 
One of the most special parts of the shower, which we didn't realize until later, was that almost of the older women invited to this shower had also attended my mom's baby shower for Meg 30 years ago! Pretty special.
 Sorry family - This is a pretty horrible picture all around, I just couldn't resist! LOOK at Pa and Hudson. TOO FUNNY!

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