Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ringing in 30 with a kick in the eye :(

Last Saturday was Colin's 30th Birthday, I had plans for a special, adventurous,  yet low-key and  memorable Birthday celebration (exactly what Colin would want, I know right? no party? no huge cake, no big celebration?!).

Hudson had different plans, he thought they should wrestle, he gets rowdy when they wrestle, he doesn't know his own strength, or perhaps, more accurately, he hasn't master his strength or sporadic body movements and he is sort of spastic like his mama.  Needless to say, somehow in all the rolling around, he kicked Colin in the cornea.  Yes, the actual cornea, not just the eye, the cornea, and yes colin has a history with his cornea...remember this???!

Anyway, the kick resulted in an abrasion to the cornea, light sensitivity, pain, and an abrupt end to the Birthday fun :(

The day started out just as I had planned with an amazing breakfast (not in bed because that's messy and potential sticky) with fruit, fresh juice and perhaps the worlds best caramel rolls, thanks to the helping hands of Sharlyn Peterson, Hudson's surrogate Grandmother and baker extraordinaire.
Thanks Sharlyn, they were quite possibly the only successful part of the day.  Since Colin didn't want a big celebration for his birthday and since we live so far away from many of our dearest and closest friends.  I thought we should celebrate in different way so I asked our family and friends to send notes, stories, antidotes, memories and/or pictures of Colin.  I hid them through out the house for a Birthday surprise, unfortunately due to his injury he was not able to find or read the majority or the messages. (p.s. if I missed asking any of you I am so sorry! I was not the best sleuth at secretly getting all Colin's friends emails and I had a lot return undeliverable :(

He was able to read a few notes before the injury. This one from his old buddy, Tyler Hartanov, included pictures. It was hilarious, I laughed out loud when I read it but as you can tell from the photo Hudson is not laughing and I think I detect a hint of embarrassment.  I didn't get pictures of the rest of the notes, I think I took the kick to the eye the hardest in the family and was super frustrated with "my" Birthday plans begin ruined and didn't roll with the punches very well.  Obviously, he wasn't able to read the notes or really enjoy them that day but he did over the next few days and he LOVED, LOVED, LOVED them!! THANK YOU so much to everyone who participated.

Hudson didn't quite understand what was wrong with his dad, he kept bringing him his shoes and books and toys and trying to play with him.  He even brought him his presents to open and then proceeded to open them for him.

 Hudson finally gave in and resigned to napping with dad.  If that doesn't melt your heart I don't know what will. 


Linnea Mirsch said...

sweet story though, thanks for sharing the pics :)

eabetzler said...

Anytime! Wish we could have rang in 30 with you guys!