Monday, January 23, 2012

What a week!

Well, we didn't finish the sun room, but who wants to be working inside on the sunroom when the sun is shining outside?  Not the Betzlers!  We had an absolute blast with Cindy and are so thankful for her willingness to come and be with us and Hudson-sit.  She was amazing, not only did she find time to read and re-read every book on the book shelf,  play cars and ball and other games, walk the town, she was also able to help us make a real Scandinavian feast to celebrate Saint Knuts day! Thanks Cindy!

 How many Grandma's do you know who are outside snowshoeing with their Grandkids?

Bedtime - Hudson and Cindy's favorite time of the day.

Hudson is already looking forward to Grandma's next visit!

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cindy said...

Can't wait to come back with grandpa!