Sunday, January 08, 2012

Grandma B is here!

And I have big plans for her. Which include teaching me how to sew, making window seat coverings, pillow cases and potentially curtains for the sun room. However, I think Hudson may have different plans for her.  They include reading, playing with balls, and lots of cuddling.  He's cuter than me and all together more fun. I have a feeling he will be first choice if she has to choose.  Let's hope she doesn't.  I have been wanting to post pictures of the room because I am so excited about the wall paper but I haven't because I really like a finished project...but as a motivational tool I am posting pictures before Cindy's visit in hopes that I can post pictures of a completed or almost completed room after Cindy's visit!

The Sunroom

The Window Seat...

 I also owe and huge thank you to another Betzler and my good friend Julie for making my wall paper dream a reality.  Wallpapering is stinking hard! I couldn't have done it without you Linnea and Julie.  Soon, I will have you over for scones and coffee and we can relax on the window seat and admire the paper. THANK YOU!

My competition, it's not looking good window seat.


Linnea Mirsch said...

adorable!! wish I was there too!!

The Metcalfs said...

Oooo.. the sunroom looks like it's going to be so fun! Can't wait to sit on that window seat and have a scone and coffee too... does that offer hold for me too even though I didn't help?! :)

eabetzler said...

Mandy - YESSSSS! You just have to come to Sheridan first :)