Monday, August 06, 2012

Gone scamping.

We finally did it!! We took the camper out for some good ol' fashioned family camping fun! AND Fun it was!  After 8 plus hours of DEEP cleaning the nasty thing and few set backs as we were pulling out of the drive way (anti-freeze pouring out of the side), we made it up the mountain and back.  The whole excursion was less than 24 hrs, but it was still worth it.  There really is something so special about getting out of town, breaking routine and having a little family together time.

The camper is from 1989, so it has obviously been used.  We buy used stuff all the time, no big deal, but the weirdest part about this was that Colin found it online in Wisconsin, had his brother go check it out and buy it, without us ever meeting or knowing any of the previous owners.  Apparently, the last owner was a single guy, and in my mind, a very clean, orderly, type-A, germaphobe, kind of guy (after cleaning the bathroom, it is harder to keep telling myself that :/) but we don't really know!  It is fun to think of all the adventures the scamp has already had but also a little weird which necessitated some very deep cleaning.   The biggest hiccup we ran into this weekend had to do with the cushions. The old Emily would have said we are buying new cushions, PERIOD.  The new Emily had to ask herself if we needed new cushions (what't the definition of need again????) or if we could make these ones work.  Well, we are making these ones work, so I washed all the covers, and scrubbed and scrubbed all the cushions (they are sort of like giant sponges so this was not that easy and they did not dry very fast) They smell and feel super clean now... if only I could get them back into their covers? Anyone have any ideas on this one?  PLEASE SHARE!
 Best part of the trip.

 When did Hudson become a boy? 
Also, we want to share the Scamp love, so if anyone is needing a Mountain get-away let us know!  AND it is as fresh and clean as can be now so don't worry about that (however, the cushions are still coverless).

We munched on these COOKIES all weekend and they were surprisingly delicious (sugar free, gluten free, and good!). Colin and Hudson had no complaints. Sorry, no pics, we ate them too quick! I followed her recipe and just made a few changes to make them go last longer - I used all the beans, added one cup of oats, and 2 tablespoons truvia to make them a little sweeter.  


Natalie Acklin said...

he really is a little boy now!! Oh how I miss him. That looked like a blast. How nice to have it just the 3 of you too. love you all!

eabetzler said...

Nat - I know he is so big! I am feeling bad about not bringing him to NYC he misses his Aunt nunu sooo much.

Anonymous said...

So great to see another Scamper! (I found you because the title of your post is the name of my blog.)

I bought mine (a 13') in 2010 and it's probably the best purchase I've ever made. Enjoy your family adventures!