Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to me!!!!

It's a bird?!  It's a plane?!   Oh wait, it's just super Colin and his dog flying dog Luna. 
 For Mother's Day Colin and Hudson took me on a biking adventure.  I must admit my first reaction was, -ahhh it's mothers day can't we do something I'm good at - but quickly the thought of being outside with my family on a gorgeous day supplanted my initial negativity.  AND thank goodness it did because it was a great outing!!  Turns out I'm not such a bad biker after all, not as good at flying as Colin is but I can hold my own biking.  We went up the mt. to 14A where the highway is closed, I highly recommended it for anyone who is arein the mood to try something new, huge views and easy biking!

 Still lots of snow.
 Lunch time!
 Hudson is growing up faster than I ever could have imagined.  He is no longer content to sit around and watch while his parents have all the fun.  He now likes to participate in everything.

Dad, I had to include this one for you. Notice the Acklin Brother's Construction hat? I thought you might be able to use it in your new marketing materials...the possibilities are endless for the tag lines you could come up with using this picture.

Not only did C & H treat me to a day of fun in the sun, they also gave me a handmade all from recycled materials gift!  They sure do know the way to this mama's heart. It was a happy day indeed!


cindy said...

I love every single picture and hope to see the snow like that next week!!! Cannot wait!!
Love you all.

emily & colin said...

Thanks Cindy! We are excited too!