Tuesday, May 08, 2012

FAMILY road trip 2012!

We just got back from the second annual Betzler family MT road trip. What a blast!!!  Last year we were able to tour around Montana a bit for Colin's work, it was so much fun that we thought we would do it again... but this time without the work component.  The weather wasn't the greatest but that didn't hold us back! 

We spent the first night in Fairmont Hot Springs.  Hudson liked the Hot Springs so much he was up at 5:30am the next day ready to go, asking for more agua, over and over, until we finally gave it or should I say dove in (hahaha).  It was awesome, we would highly recommend it, we got in late and left early, but it is definitely a place you could spend some more time.  Not only did they have indoor/outdoor hot spring pools (4 total) but they had a water slide that put Thermopolis and others to shame.  

Philipsburg MT here we come...this is an old house that Colin remembered from his first trip to the area in 1999 with his dad and brother fishing (err, looking at colleges).

Our mom-proclaimed vegetarian child has changed his ways. He got one bite of Colin's italian soppranto or something like that and there was no giving it back.

Me and Hud at East Fork Reservoir on Friday.

Catching some zzz's while hiking the West Fork of Rock Creek...fishing wasn't open this high yet, otherwise there'd be a rod in this photo.

A couple of Hudson's most-prized forest sticks.

Hiking Friday with dad near East Fork Reservoir.

 We were the only ones spending the night at the Kaiser Inn, Philipsburg (nominal $, recommended) and woke up to snow saturday, not exactly the fishing weather Colin was hoping for.  He was able to get out early for a few hours though...no fish were harmed but he had a few hits.  He wanted me to remind any readers that 7 am on a 30-degree morning during run-off is not the most ideal time to catch fish in Rock Creek, MT.

Not a bad place to try though.

Bozeman on the way home, Hudson insisted on taking Luna for a walk and scolding her the whole time.

We rounded out the trip with a  stay at the Grand Hotel in Big Timber MT, a quiet town on the Yellowstone just south of the Crazy Mtns.  Breakfast was great (and included!) and we really had fun checking out a few of the smaller destinations on this trip. Happy to be home to Sheridan though, the best community we saw by far!


Linnea Mirsch said...

love this all, but Em's laugh in the video is priceless!!!

Natalie Acklin said...

This is great! I don't know how I didn't see this before. Those pics of huds are hilarious! He is a meat eater. Love all the hiking ones of Colin and huds. The trip looks amazing! Jealous of all that outdoorsy :)