Sunday, March 25, 2012

Building the Coop!

It was another sunny 75 degree day in beautiful Sheridan! Colin and Hudson got to work building the chicken coop.

Grandpas, you should be proud, H already knows how to swing a hammer like a pro. 

The chicks are hit with everyone (except maybe mom, who is finding they do indeed smell!).  It is amazing how excited Hudson and his friends get about small, fuzzy. little things. I have never seen Hudson laugh so hard. Thanks for stopping by Jacobson family.

Hudson now knows where the park is and how to get there. He is not afraid to take himself there. Thank goodness for childproof locks.


Natalie Acklin said...

these are such fun pics. Hudson was so excited to even show me the chicks via facetime. He is such a big boy already. That's so cute and slightly terrifying that he can walk himself to the park. yikes!!

Julie said...

Such fun pictures. Thanks for sharing. Hudson, PLEASE don't walk to the Park---scary.

Julie said...
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eabetzler said...

Nat & Mom - I know! Scary and exhausting! I mean really how wants to go to the park at 630 am? Hudson does!