Thursday, March 15, 2012

5 minute DIY I-phone cover

Who has a free but bulky, sort of ugly i-phone cover, that they don't really like? AND who really likes the sleekness, the feel, and ease of use of the I-phone without a cover? ME!! So much so, that I opted out of using my free cover and deciding to live on the edge; going without a cover.  I did, however,  purchase an "invisible steel" screen cover...turns out invisible steel is not as strong as it sounds.  Without going in to the borrowing details, I decided it was time to cuten-up my old cover.  It took seriously 5 minutes and I am pretty happy with the results-

Make an outline of your case on pretty fabric. Decide if you want just the top (this might be a lot easier), or if you want to wrap around to the inside of the case, measure accordingly). If you are wrapping around trace the wholes on the sides on to the fabric as well.

Cut out the fabric with good sharp fabric scissors, cut really straight lines, and try not to fray the fabric.  ModPodge your fabric on to the phone cover. First put the ModPodge onto the case align your fabric and then cover fabric in ModPodge. Let dry.

As you can see, mine is by no means perfect.  You perfectionists out there (Meg) will want to take more time to measure perfectly and even sew your sides and holes.  But if are like me and have 5 minutes, and  want to make your case a little prettier, so you are not as sad when you look at the other side, do this!

As you can tell me lines aren't perfect.

It was late and I was tired so I decided to just cut this side off instead of cutting the circle out. 

Quick GO! Make your cover cute before your phone looks like mine does! 


Julie said...

this is such a great idea.

Julie said...

this is such a great idea.

eabetzler said...

thanks mom! It turned out really fun!