Monday, March 05, 2007

Looking like a home!

It was a big work weekend at 134 N Linden, scrapping, sanding, busting out the front tile, and sweating profusely to figure out how to get the particle board to come unglued before I did!

We're still working on the tile and particle board, well, I guess we're still working on the floor too...and anxiously awaiting the arrival of a food-for-work contigency of The Acklin Family Construction Co. and have big plans for when they arrive! Emily has told them that they will be on somewhat of a vacation...I'm not sure where she got that idea...stay tuned for more big changes, coming over the next 1-2 weeks!


meg said...

How exciting! I love watching the transformation of your home. I can't wait to come schedule is a mess and I can re-arrange it right now. Good luck with the rest! Love you and miss you! xoxo

Lee said...

You guys are amazing! I hadn't visited your blog for awhile, but it looks like you are really making headway :).
I miss you, and hope that we'll see each other sooner than later! Lee :)

PS- I heard about Wyoming's dreadfully cold winter--que fome!

Tommy said...


It already looks so different from the video you showed us...