Friday, March 03, 2006

Send Cookies to This Address

The Betzler´s
Lo Venegas 460
Cerro Jimenez Valparaiso

Official Phone Number
Chile is country code 56

Give us a´s free!!!!!! (for us)

Our email is:


Lisa, la jefe said...

I only make Completo Cookies. The icing is made out of mayo.

I am waiting in anticipation for the fraudulant pesos to be returned to our favorite seafood place in Valpo. When COlin, when? WHen will justice be served?

By the way, the U2 concert made the Walla Walla paper. That means it's big time.

Rachel said...

I did the hidro in Pucon too!!! Erik just sent me the address to your blog, it's fun to hear about you. I've been in Guatemala for about a week!