Wednesday, March 08, 2006

¡Que tenga suerte!

Emily has been in school for 3 days now, I´ll let her write about that whenever she get´s a for me (which is why you are tuning in anyways...ha) I am still wandering around the streets of Valparaiso (Valpo if you are cool) looking for something to keep me occupied. Sometimes this is buying bread and feeding pigeons, sometimes it is bearing witness to a new breed of dog being created that you never thought could happen. Today however, it is looking for employment (yes, still). The family that we´re staying with, Hugo and Mariaesther thought I´d have no problem finding a job doing just about anything I wanted to do...however, after many calls, several face to faces with secretaries and countless hours spent walking around, I still have nothing to show. It´s a good thing that they play so much 80´s music here, otherwise I would have been depressed a long time ago. Anyways, I have a few potential jobs in the works, and will let you know as soon as I do what happens. I think they may work out though...why? Because a pigeon pooped on my yesterday. That´s right, there is a reason that the shadiest bench in the square is usually empty, or occupied by clueless gringos (in this case). Emily had just hopped off the bus and sat down with me to chat about the day when a creamy white chunk of watery frosting exploded on my arm and shoulder...I´m not sure what these pigeons get fed, but this was no white-bread raised pigeon...probably more like asparagus and yogurt. At any rate, I tried to play it cool, while Emily laughed and pointed and drew even more attention to us gringos...I eventually had to take off my shirt and walk home watching the sky so that I would at least survive with my only white T-shirt still clean. Anyways, when I got home Mariaesther told me that down here, they call that a pigeon baptism...which always brings good luck. So, that´s it for now, I´m headed across the street to the same shady bench in hopes of bringing as much luck as I can to the job hunt, I figure I might as well be trying to get as much luck as I can right now. Take care.


colinsfavorite said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH and by that I mean HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH you got POOPED on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Dale in WY said...

I enjoyed reading everything Colin. Have fun while you can, you're an old married fart now. LOL
You should suffer like the rest of us and have many many babies! haha

Still need them plugs?? Where's my picture? No excuses punk!

Hey, I'm a GrandPa now, how about that?

alaska erin said...

Hehehe!!! That happened to me in New Zealand... I was not however looking for a job - but I had an awesome trip!!!! Good ta hear from y'all!