Saturday, August 13, 2011

We're BACK!!!!!!!!!

It has been over a year since our last entry. Sorry about that. BUT what a year it has been...selling our first house, remodeling and then adding an addition to a new house (dedicated blog entry to follow) and HAVING a baby! Phew. But we are back and better than ever. We are going to do our best to have regular posts and share a little bit more of our lives with our friends and family. We miss you. Wyoming is too far from pretty much everyone :(

Since a photo is worth 100o words, I think a photo tour might be the quickest way to catch everyone up...
Baby Shower in AZ. Can you believe GG is going to be 90? What a looker!
SISTA- VISIT! Dancing to the Craft Bros at Eatons.

Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Sailing/Kayaking in Croatia :)

Venice, Italy

Hard work pays off! Colin and I had decided that we better use some of the proceeds from the sale of our first house to do some pre-Hudson (P.H.) travel... Lets just say two weeks in Croatia made the months of scraping wallpaper, patching plaster, refinishing floors, roofs, kitchens, and bathrooms, seem very worth it.

More Croatia

Jessica comes to visit. Can you guess which is a watermelon?

Thank goodness for Glenn and Julie. They were so much help while we patiently waited.

He's here!!! Better late (12 days to be exact) than never.


Natalie Acklin said...

What a life!! Love the pics and re-living Huddy's first few days. Love you all!

josh said...

Love you guys! That little rascal looks healthy! Hope to see you soon.