Monday, November 10, 2008

Misc. House Pics Oct. '08

Here are a couple of random pictures, just FYI.
Emily relaxing on the porch...we enjoyed a great fall this year...
General pic of the new house paints...I'm working on putting in a new door before the serious snow flies.

1 of 8 windows that has since been replaced!

The infamous door fence, since these pics were taken it has received another coat of paint and some caulk in the holes....finished as far as I'm concerned. Much cheaper than the home depot lookalikes...although I value my time at about $1 an hour to come out ahead of the game...

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Björn said...

Awesome. I kind of envy the renovation experience... but only the part where you finish and appreciate the job well done. It's also good to see that you haven't actually gained 22lbs. I was pretty sure you were kidding, but the confirmation is a relief.