Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Brian and Meg and snow

Emily's sister Meg and her boyfriend Brian came to visit in October. They arrived just in time to enjoy the foot or so of the first snow of the season. We were fortunate enough to have some friends let us use their mountain cabin, at about 8000 feet. We had snow all night, and woke up to a sunny 40 degree's not often you get fluffy snow, sunny weather, and no wind here in Wyoming, we're still not sure what happended weather-wise that weekend, but we loved it!

We ate a lot of good food, competed in The Ultimate Competition (I can't remember who won), and had a great time. Thanks so much for making the trip out here, we loved hanging out!

Emily and Meg in full winter garb for fake winter.

Bighorn mountains (13,000) view from a 10 minute hike from the cabin!

Holt Hideaway treated us well...thank you Holt's!

South Fork of Clear Creek which ran right past the cabin...

Here's Emily and Brian demonstrating the main source of heat during our cabin stay! We had to open the windows...Brian how many pairs of socks are you wearing? Nice slippers!
Playing some Euchre, or smoking Meg and Brian in some Euchre!


- bjorn said...

Hey Guys!
All that snow, I feel like I should miss it but I really don't... But I do miss you guys. I promise that when you come visit me here I'll have a couch for you to crash on in my living room. And my family is about to redo a kitchen! Plan to stay as long as you like, I can find work for you here...

But really I miss you both,



The Metcalfs said...

Why do you guys only post pictures of family members? We are boycotting your blog. We aren't bitter though. Thanks.

Love you,
Silver Back