Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mid Summer Heat

Bjorn and Emily swimming in the Tongue River...

It has been quite a summer already, way too hot here in Sheridan, but we've heard that this has not been the typical summer that people are used to in this area...
Bj fishing

We were lucky enough to have several visitors out our way in July. Bjorn came out to work for the wonderful city of Buffalo for 3 weeks, while he was waiting to hear about his Peace Corp Application. He found out that he'll be leaving for The Gambia in western Africa on September 24th for 2 years of service. He's absolutley ecstatic about his placement, and can be seen on the streets of Buffalo riding garbage trucks and driving steamrollers, the whole time dreaming about mud-hut living and apiculture in The Gambia. In other news, Bjorn is also a Harry Potter nerd, and we really haven't talked with him since he picked up that latest book 2 days ago...we're hoping he shows back up before he leaves on thursday. We've had a great time with him out here, and feel like we have done a fair job introducing him to the real world of post-college graduates and reality...

Brit Em and Nat

Our next visitors were a couple of greenhorns from Arizona...2 of Emily's sisters, Natalie and Brittany showed up on our doorstep on a friday for a 4 day stay. We tried to fill every minute with the excitement of Sheridan, from the Rodeo the streetdance, to watching the 2007 World Champinoship of Butt-darts. We also spent some time hiking (Brittany thougth pointlessly:) in the mountains. They also took advantage of the state's largest free swimming pool in Buffalo to cool off. Unfortunately, the weekend was somewhat tamed down by Colin's gimpy poison ivy leg (see pictures). We saw a lot of poopsies, caught a few fish, and managed to avoid losing anyone to the bears…While Natalie enjoyed herself, we may never see Brittany in Wyoming again after she lost roughly half of her blood as a result of 53 mosquito bites…sorry Britt.

Poison Ivy!

Malcom, Cindy, Bj, Em, Colin

The last visitors we had out were Malcolm and Cindy, neighbors from Duluth who were out to enjoy the backpacking in the Bighorns. We ended up doing a pretty lengthy day hike with them up to 7 Brothers Lakes. It was a hot day and hiking mainly through a burn area didn’t do much to combat the heat. The scenery was great though, and the lakes did cool everyone off. I’m not sure about how Malcolm and Cindy felt the next day, but Bjorn, Emily and myself were absolutely exhausted…quite the hike.

Now things have calmed down a little out here…we’re still waiting to hear back from insurance on the big pine tree that punched through the kitchen ceiling a few weeks back…our house is still pretty chaotic, but we’ll be hitting it hard again in august. I will say that if we did live in Buffalo, we would probably get official notices from the city telling us to clean up the fire hazards in our yard, as well as the junk strewn about the yard…at least the inside is looking more normal!


Natalie Acklin said...

I had so much fun with you guys!! YOu better believe I will be back soon and we will have to search for some more poopsies! I love you guys. Bjorno- good job on the fishy-poo.

britt said...

Actually C-cat it was 70 big bites, but you better believe ill be back for some more hopefully soon!! I went bunny bopping yesterday and killed some little poopsies!!! oopsy:)