Sunday, February 26, 2006

U2 in Santiago!

Tonight is the big concert...we were able to get floor tickets 4 days ago by walking into some small CD store in santiago and asking for them...very strange. Apparently there was some sort of selling error, and then a radio station told people tickets were available at the wrong location, so it worked out well for us. I´d like to take credit for finding them due to my mad spanish skills, but that definitely wasn´t the case.
Anyways, Emily has her exam tonight for class placement, so there was no way she could leave before 645 which stinks. The opening band starts at 800 and U2 starts at 900. We probably won´t get to the estadio nacional until 845 or thereabouts, which obviously won´t be the best time to get there. I was watching the news this morning, and there´s already 4000 people inside the stadium, with another 3000 standing in line outside. Apparently, people have come from Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Panama, etc for the show. Supposing Emily and I do manage to make it in, we may end up getting trampled to death anyways, so maybe not getting in would be a blessing in diguise. At this point, I think it would still be worth seeing U2 and getting mildly trampled. Our mom here, Maria Esther thinks we´re definitely going to get trampled. That is if we get in...she also doesn´t think we have a chance to get into the show if we get there that late. Who knows. I guess I am optimistically thinking that if we have a ticket for the floor, then we have a spot reserved on the floor right? Although I guess that in Latin America anything but what you´re planning can and usually does happen...and usually makes the least amount of sense, so vamos a ver. If we do get in though, it should be a very neat experience. El Estadio Nacional, the national stadium will be a very interesting place to see a huge concert like was the holding pen for thousands of people that were arrested by Pinochet during his takeover in 73. Many people went inside and were never seen alive again. Los disaparecidos. The dissapeared. Some 3000-5000 people. I hope we don´t dissapear ourselves. If you don´t hear from me tomorrow, start to worry. So long. I hope it rocks!

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Björn said...

holy crap, colin. You may envy my grad school acceptance a little, but I'd trade you a few classes to see bono tear shit up in such a venue. I hope the show's great, that you get to see it, and that you come out of it dextrous enough to write about it afterward! Buena suerte!